Happy happy happy dance!

It’s both literally and officially Business Time for you, ‘cause your spot is secured in our 6 month program!

{insert all the exclamation points here} {plus shrieks of excitement} {also, confetti canons firing} {and then champers bottles popping} {and throughout, happy dancing ensuing}

You’ll be getting aaaaaaaalllllll the deets the week before we start (our first day is April 3rd!), but until then, here are a few things to get going:

First things first.

Please fill out your intake form and agree to the Biz Time Contract by March 22nd.

Wanna get a head start on our work?

Consider these questions - we'll be asking you to answer them in the Facebook group:

1. What's working (or has worked) in your career currently and previously?

2. What's not working (or hasn't worked) in your career currently and previously?

3. What do you know for sure about your business? (i.e. "That I need to work with California lawyers," "That I'm called to write," "That I want to work with people face-to-face")

4. What are you willing to let go of as we go into this program together? (i.e. the childhood dream of writing for SNL, the need to control All The Things, the ideal of being a high-powered corporate titan a la Working Girl).

If any of these are stumping you, put on your Nancy Drew hat as you go about your day and take notes as you feel energized or drained.

Get organized.

Also, be on the lookout for a binder to keep all of your materials. Our worksheets for the program are designed to be printed out, so you'll want a place to keep everything!

Pencil us in!

Make sure you get these dates on your calendar:

Our group calls happen on the first and third Fridays each month from April 7th through August 18th at 10-11am Pacific/1-2pm Eastern. Because of the Labor Day holiday, our September calls will occur at the same time, but on September 7th and September 22nd, with a bonus celebration call scheduled for September 29th.

April 7th
April 21st
May 5th
May 19th
June 2nd
June 16th
July 7th
July 21st
August 4th
August 18th
September 7th (the only Thursday call)
September 22nd
September 29th (final celebration call!)

Dates for the Mastermind group:

Our co-working days will be on the following Fridays from 9am-12pm Pacific/12-3pm Eastern:

May 12th
June 23rd
Aug 11th 

You'll also receive a scheduling link for your 1-on-1s with Michelle (to occur in June), Tiffany (to occur in July), and Erin (to occur in August) in early-April so you can choose the session times that work best for you and get the dates on your calendar. 

These sessions will also be recorded.

Call details

The call details will be given out later, but reserving that time now will really make a difference in ensuring your participation and keeping that time sacred. We know how tough it is to make yourself a priority, but you must see It’s Business Time that way (and enforce your boundaries accordingly!) in order to get everything you can out of the course.

We can’t wait to get busy with Business Time, and are over the moon to know you’re included! We’ll be in touch real soon. In the meantime, don't forget to fill out your intake form!